They're holding prayer vigils in Wisconsin for Aaron Rodgers' collarbone

This is not a joke. They're actually doing this.

Aaron Rodgers is not going to die, but Wisconsinites are uniting in prayer to help heal and comfort their injured quarterback. 

Rodgers broke his right collarbone when he got hit by Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr in Minnesota's 23-10 win over the Packers on Sunday. This Sunday, just before the Packers play the Saints, a prayer vigil for Rodgers and his busted bone will be held in Madison, Wisconsin. 

There's a Facebook page dedicated to the vigil. It describes the event like this: 

"A short vigil for our beloved Packers. We hope and pray for our defense to be strong, our offense to be quick and for the greatest collarbone in football history to heal quickly. In Hundley we trust. Can I get a Claymen!"

Thankfully, they'll be doing more than praying for Rodgers – they'll also be raising money for a childhood cancer fund, which is awesome. 

The creator of the vigil says it's a light-hearted joke, and it's a good one at that because 1,000 people have already committed to going. 

That's not the only vigil

According to an Eau Claire, Wisconsin, TV reporter, there will be a vigil Wednesday night at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Campus Mall. 

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