This might be the cockiest play in high school basketball history

The high school kid from California pointed at the line and drilled the half-court shot in the middle of a game.

LaMelo Ball does not care what you think. In fact, this fearless high school basketball player from Chino Hills, California, is relentless to the point that he'll take a shot from half court and let you know he's going to do it – like he did Monday night in the middle of a game.

The kid, who doesn't graduate high school until 2019, literally called his shot by pointing at the half-court line and then burying the shot from 47 feet.

LaMelo is the younger brother of UCLA freshman guard Lonzo Ball. And like his older brother, he's committed to play at UCLA. And so is his other brother, LiAngelo, who just so happened to score 65 points in Monday's game, according to USA Today.

Their dad is just as confident. He told CBS Sports that all three of his sons will play one year in college before going pro.

As the great Ice-T said, "don't hate the playa, hate the game."

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