This week is the Twins' last best chance to pile up wins in the Wild Card race

At this point, it's a day-by-day and week-by-week look at the standings.

Let's get straight to the point: The Twins didn't take care of the last 10 games like they were supposed to. 

They had the chance to bury the Royals and push the Rays back, but in 10 straight games against their Wild Card competition, Minnesota won just four of them. 

Now, with 19 games to go, the Twins are in about the same position they were 10 days ago. 

Minnesota can make good on that failed opportunity when they play the lowly Padres Tuesday and Wednesday and then the last-place Blue Jays Thursday-Sunday. Four, five or six wins is very doable, and very needed. 

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The Angels are only one game behind the Twins, but this week they're at home against the Astros and Rangers, followed by indescribably-hot Indians and Astros next week. 

The Twins travel to play the Yankees and Tigers next week, followed by a trip to Cleveland. Clearly, this week is massively important to Minnesota, and their last best chance to pile up wins this season. 

Meanwhile, Tampa Bay is hosting the Yankees, Baltimore plays at the Blues Jays, the Royals host the White Sox, and the Mariners and Rangers go head-to-head. 

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