Today's Sports Clip: Watch part of ceiling fall at Assembly Hall

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Don't get us wrong, what you're about to see isn't nearly as epic as the Metrodome roof collapsing the day before the Vikings were scheduled to the play the Giants in December of 2011, but it could have been incredibly dangerous.

Assembly Hall, home of the Indiana Hoosiers, is one of the most iconic arenas in basketball history. But like most iconic venues, it's pretty darn old. Announcer Gus Johnson called the 42-year-old arena the "Carnegie Hall of basketball." Unfortunately, part of the ceiling came crashing down into the stands on Tuesday, forcing the postponement of Indiana's men's basketball game against Iowa.

Luckily, no one was hurt because it happened 6 1/2 hours before game-time. Engineers have advised the Hoosiers to postpone all events at Assembly Hall until safety clearance has been advised. The Gophers do not play at Indiana this season. The Gopher women played at Indiana earlier this season.

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