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Today's Sports Clip: Snowboarders face danger in Sochi


The Sochi Slopestyle course had a bad reputation before the first snowboarders took to it on the first day of the Olympics Thursday. American snowboarding superstar Shaun White actually dropped out of the slopestyle because of safety concerns.

In White's words, there was "too much" injury risk to make any runs down the slopestyle course. This is the first Winter Olympics to use slopestyle as an event, so perhaps there are some bugs to work out, but the injury risk was evident Thursday when Norwegian snowboarder Kjersti Buaas slammed face first into the packed snow.

“Oh snap…That was a real scare!!! Good news is that I only ruptured a muscle… I am so grateful it’s nothing worse, even though I have some severe pain in my stomach and back," she wrote on her Instagram.

Here's what her crash landing looked like.

Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev used a GoPro camera to show what a trip down the slopestyle looks like.

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