Today's Sports Clip: Caliendo amazes in '30 for 30' mockumentary

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The Super Bowl was tough to watch because the Seahawks obliterated the Broncos, but the pre-game show on ESPN might have been more entertaining than the game. It featured musical performances and interviews with Super Bowl heroes of yesteryear, but a famous comedian stole the show.

Frank Caliendo is his name and impersonating famous people is his game. Caliendo pulled off arguably one of his best performances on Sunday when he impersonated NFL analysts Adam Schefter, Mike Ditka, Mel Kiper, Ron Jaworski, Chris Berman and Jon Gruden – all of whom have very distinct styles of speaking, and very distinct facial expressions and forms of non-verbal communication. He also mixes in impersonations of NFL coaches Jim Harbaugh and Bill Belichick, and ex-presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton.

Caliendo nailed them all in a "30 for 30" mockumentary on Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

Sporting News collected some photos from the mockumentary, all of which are hilarious.

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