Today's Sports Clip: Ex-Wolf Fred Hoiberg is a terrible dancer

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Ex-Timberwolves guard Fred Hoiberg is the head coach of the Iowa State Cyclones men's basketball team, which advanced to the Sweet 16 after a thrilling game against North Carolina on Sunday.

It was a wild battle, with the run-and-gun teams trading punches and leads throughout the 40-minute affair. The game came down to the wire, where Iowa State guard DeAndre Kane was the hero as he banked in the game-winning layup with 1.6 seconds left to play.

Confusion clouded the final moments, however, as the clock never started after the ensuing inbound-pass, seemingly allowing the Tar Heels to speed the ball across half-court before calling a timeout. After a lengthy replay and discussion, the officials ruled that time had expired before the timeout was called, thus ending the game, and firing up Hoiberg's dancing engine.

The former Minnesota Timberwolves 3-point specialist busted some moves in the locker room, and while Hoiberg was an outstanding shooter and now seems to be an even better coach, his dance moves don't meet a similar standard. As USA Today put it, he "dances like every dad at every wedding and it’s perfect."

Hoiberg apologized to his daughter in a text message, which she captured and posted on Twitter.

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