Today's Sports Clip: Fallon, Lebron play 'Wastepaper Basketball'

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Jimmy Fallon's first couple of weeks as the host of the "Tonight Show" on NBC have featured some really witty productions, but for sports fans, his best was Thursday night when he surprised his audience with a old school music video featuring himself and Miami Heat superstar LeBron James.

Fallon said he found an old VHS tape with a video they created in the 1980s. When he plugged the tape into his VCR it was a music video called "Wastepaper Basketball," a game where office workers crumple up pieces of paper and shoot them into a trash can. All is well until James shows up and begins dominating. At one point LeBron banks a piece of crumpled paper off a bald man's head and into the can.

Oh, and it's themed to Kurtis Blow's popular song "Basketball." By the way, LeBron wasn't wearing the frightening mask that he now has to wear in the NBA to protect his recently fractured nose. See photos of his Bane-like mask right here.

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