Today's Sports Clip: 'He's picking some of his teeth right up off the ice'

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Remember when Pascal Dupuis pulled out a couple of his teeth on the Boston Bruins bench, or when Islanders star John Tavares acted as his own dentist during a game earlier this season?

It happened again Tuesday night, only this time Daniel Alfredsson of the Red Wings didn't have to pull his own teeth. He did, however, have to go hunting for a couple of his teeth that were scattered on the ice after he was knocked in the mouth by the blade of a high stick.

But hey, it's hockey. This stuff happens all the time.

Alfredsson calmy picked up his teeth, took a breather and got back in the game without missing a single shift. It's probably not the worst thing that's happened to the 19-year NHL veteran, and it's certainly nothing a trip to the dentist won't fix.

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