Today's Sports Clip: This fan on the field is the cutest kid ever


Parents, pay attention. This is exactly what you need to instruct your child to do the next time you're attending a professional sporting event, unless it involves race cars.

Tell your cute little kid to hop over the fence and run onto the field. If it turns out like the video you're about to watch, your kid will go down in history as one of the cutest fans of all-time.

The key to letting a kid run on the field rather than a grown man or woman is that the radio and television announcers won't call the kid an "idiot." That's what a grown man dressed as Batman was called by Twins and Orioles announcers Dick Bremer and Gary Thorne during a game in 2012. Thorne, by the way, just so happens to be calling the boys' state hockey tournament in Minnesota this week.

But no sane announcer will refer to a kid as an idiot. Evidence shown here as this little boy ran onto the field during a soccer match between South Africa and Brazil. Instead of being tackled by a slow-footed security guard, the kid was embraced and carried around on the field by Brazilian star Neymar.


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