Today's Sports Clip: Little kids reenact Richard Sherman's freak out

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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman had a rather notable episode Sunday in Seattle, and we doubt you missed it, but if you did, here's the video so you can relive the moment.

Exhale. The 26 seconds that postgame interview with Erin Andrews lasted blew up the sports world with controversy,comedy, criticism, and unfortunately, even racism.

What started as a simple postgame interview took on a wild and out of control life of its own.

Thankfully, cooler heads have prevailed, and with the seriousness in the rear-view mirror, this video of little kids putting in perspective just how nonsensical the attention Sherman's interview received was should make you smile.

Chalk up another point for the little ones, your innocence has certainly defused a situation that got a bit out of hand.

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