Today's Sports Clip: Stephon Marbury crying

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Stephon Marbury couldn't contain his emotions after winning a championship in the Chinese Basketball Association over the weekend.

Marbury, yes the same Marbury who played for the Timberwolves from 1996-1999, led the Beijing Ducks to a 98-88 Game 6 win over the Xinjiang Flying Tigers.

But this year was different for Marbury. He missed the majority of the regular season with a knee injury, only to return for the dramatic playoff run, according to Global News.

“I just want to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ for getting me through one of the toughest years of my ­career,” Marbury said, according to The Big Lead. “Winning the championship is great but building character as a team will ­prepare the future for the next generation to come. The Dynasty is now in ­motion.”

These are the only photos showing Marbury's emotion. One report said he "cried like a kid."

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Marbury also got emotion, as captured in this video, after advancing to the CBA finals in 2012.


Chinese to immortalize Stephon Marbury

Now that he's helped the Beijing Ducks to a Chinese Basketball Association championship, ex-Timberwolf Stephon Marbury will be forever remembered with a bronze statue depicting his hoisting of the CBA trophy.

Stephon Marbury immortalized in China

Last month, plans were made for ex-Timberwolf Stephon Marbury to get his own statue in China. Now, the dream has become reality as a bronze likeness of Marbury has been unveiled outside the arena where the Beijing Ducks clinched their first-ever national championship.

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