Today's Sports Clip: 'They're killing dogs in Sochi'

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Keith Olbermann is back with ESPN covering sports after a number of years covering politics for MSNBC and Current TV, but he mixed sports and politics during the opening of his show, "Olbermann," on ESPN2 Wednesday night.

"Hunt and kill them," Olbermann says over and over again during his opening monologue. His aggressive approach was inspired by the reported killing of stray dogs in Sochi, Russia – the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics, which begin today.

"Take dogs and hunt and kill them. Hunt and kill them," Olbermann said. "Reportedly shoot them with poison darts or leave poisoned meat for them. Hunt and kill them, though the Russian government promised not to. Hunt and kill them for profit. Hunt and kill them for national pride."

According to the New York Times, many of the stray dogs roaming the city were pets, or offspring of pets, abandoned by their families. Former pets tend to be friendlier than dogs that haven't been domesticated, but that makes catching them easier.

Kelly O’Meara, director of companion animals and engagement for Humane Society International told TIME that "the friendliest dogs are easiest to catch." O'Meara says she Sochi officials "went back on their word" to find a more humane way of getting the dogs off the streets.

“Let’s call things by their real name,” the owner of the private company tasked with killing the dogs, Alexei Sorokin, told ABC News. “These dogs are biological trash.”

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