Today's Sports Clip: Torii Hunter befuddled, amused by filthy pitch

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Look at that face Torii Hunter is making.

That's the face of a 38-year-old man who has seen thousands of major league pitches in his lifetime. Yet has never watched anything quite like Yu Darvish's mind-numbingly slow junk ball float at him from the mound.

Watch the clip.

[mlbvideo id="33071327" width="400" height="224" /]

Bleacher Report says that thing fluttered in there at 55 mph. What else can you do but smile at that point?

The internet has had some fun with it.

Business Insider called it a "great reaction." NESN said Hunter had a "processing error," as the pitch scrambled his brain. Deadspin went with "Torii Hunter's Brain Breaks."

It's being described as an Eephus pitch, a slow, junky throw that's pretty uncommon at this point. But it could just be a curveball that has such low velocity, it looks like it was shot in a "Matrix"-like slow-motion scene.

Whatever it was, the former Twin Hunter had no clue what to do with it.

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