Today's top clip: 'Bama 'mom-type' fan loses mind, attacks Oklahoma fans

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Football can be serious business.

Never is that more true than when two proud college football programs meet in a high-stakes game, so when Oklahoma and Alabama faced off in the Allstate Sugar Bowl last night, tensions were running high.

One fan in particular caught the eye of the internet today, a fan CBS called a "mom-type" that decided to take mob justice into her own hands as her Crimson Tide were on their way to losing to the Sooners 45-31.

The swan dive into the crowd we found a tad humorous, but when she started to flail those cowboy boots wildly at Oklahoma faithful, even we got a bit unnerved.

There were no reports of injuries, just one "mom-type" that surely hopes her maybe-real-but-maybe-non-existent kids don't see this.

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