Today's Top Clip: Dunks on dunks on dunks, and a layup

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Rather than give you one clip on Mondays (even holidays), we like to keep you busy for at least a few full minutes by supplying multiple videos in the same genre from the weekend.

It's no problem, you don't have to thank us, really, don't mention it.

Last week it was a trifecta of spectacular saves from the NHL, this week, it's dunks. Cold, hard, dunks. And a layup.

We'll save the best for last, but the first three videos are pretty good too.

Here's the layup, because those just aren't as cool as dunks by rule.

This one is though, so we had to include it. Washington guard John Wall throws the ball towards the hoop, hopes for the best, and gets it.

That could very well be better than any of these dunks, but we'll let you judge for yourself.

Who can top it? How about Wall himself, as he throws down on Pistons big man Greg Monroe.

Next, it's former Wolves guard Ramon Sessions, throwing down on Lebron James. Yes, that was ordered the right way, Sessinos on Lebron, not the other way around.

Finally, here's Indiana superstar Paul George submitting what the San Jose Mercury News called the dunk of the year.

We like them all, but Paul George, you are a beast.

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