Today's Top Clip: LeBron kisses woman in the crowd during game

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LeBron James is all over the place. He was the star of our top clip on Tuesday when video captured him at a gun range firing off a massive machine gun, and he's back in the mix for today's video.

This time, James did something a little different than pulling the trigger on a gun. He kissed a woman sitting in the front row of Tuesday night's game in Miami between the Heat and Pelicans. In the replay, the woman can be seen asking LeBron for a picture, but "The King" clearly gave her something a little more special smack-dab on the lips.

Timberwolves fans remember James for a different kind of kiss – the kind where he kisses the ball off the glass for an easy, game-winning layup at Target Center last year.

And then there was the time LeBron and teammate Dwyane Wade were put on the Miami "Kiss Cam" together. That was awkward...

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