Tom Brady loses title game, gains awesome high-fiving PSA

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Former Minnesota Gophers wide receiver Eric Decker and the Denver Broncos ended quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots season yesterday.

But Brady has a bigger problem.

As has been well chronicled, Brady's high fives received to high fives attempted ratio is extremely low, as is evidenced in these GIFs seen on our site in 2013.

Proof that even Brady can't have it all.

Well the season that wasn't in Brady high fives sparked the attention of What's Trending, a digital curator of YouTube videos.

They present to us the help that Brady desperately needs.

That is a tear-jerker.

Who do you feel worse for: Brady, who is married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen and has hundreds of millions of dollars but can't get a high five OR Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, who was buried by media and fans after this postgame interview yesterday.

There's a third option, you don't have to feel bad for either. We'll probably choose that one.

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