Tommies' Steinbach breaks Dad's window with home run ball


Former Twins catcher and current Twins bench coach Terry Steinbach's son, Jake is playing baseball for the University St. Thomas.

On April 16th Jake had his first at bat of the season and collected his first hit, which was a grand slam.

It cemented a 21-3 win over conference rival Macalester. Not only did it help give the Tommies a win, but the ball landed in a nearby car in the parking lot. That nearby car just happened to be his dad's.

"My parents were out there and saw the ball go over the fence," Steinbach said to the school's website. "They were pretty excited, and then they heard a loud crash."

The crash, was the ball shattering a rear passenger-side window of Terry Steinbach's Volkswagen.

The good news about the whole situation was at least Jake was able to keep his home run ball.

He told the Star Tribune that his dad had to drive to a nearby gas station to vacuum out the car. Thankfully it was a warm day out, because his parents had to drive 30 miles back home with a broken window.

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