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Torii Hunter: My goal is to become GM of the Twins


There must be a karmic convergence between Kevin Garnett and Torii Hunter.

It's public knowledge that Garnett wants to become an owner of the Timberwolves when his playing days come to an end. But did you know Hunter wants to become general manager of the Twins after he retires?

Hunter, in an interview with USA Today, admitted that he hopes to get a job in the Twins' front office as soon as he retires – possibly at the end of the 2015 season.

Hunter, you see, wants to be a GM one day. If he retires after this season, he hopes to work in the Twins' front office, learning under Ryan, while also working in TV.

"I really want to get into that front office, make some changes, and build a team that I want to build,'' Hunter says. "I'd love to learn everything from Terry. He'll be a mentor. One day, that's my goal, to be GM of the Twins.''

Ryan, who advised Hunter not to retire, or make any announcements until he's fully ready, says he'll have a door waiting for him.

Hunter is entering his 19th MLB season; his first with the Twins since leaving via free agency in 2007. While he's not the defensive superstar he once was, the old man can still swing the stick.

According to the Twins, over the last 15 seasons, Hunter has averaged 30 doubles, 21 home runs, 12 stolen bases and he's finished with a batting average lower than .278 just once.

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