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Trey Burke vs. Ricky Rubio and Shabazz Muhammad: Burke burning up


The Trey Shabazz-io updates are coming fast and furious now.

This is edition number five of the season-long second guessing that is our comparison between Trey Burke, Ricky Rubio, and Shabazz Muhammad.


Because we're determined not to let Minnesota fans forget that Burke was once a Wolf, and the reason he isn't is Rubio, and what the Wolves got back was Muhammad.

We don't want this to turn out like the Stephen Curry-Jonny Flynn fiasco all over again, though early returns have it looking like Burke is trending more towards Curry than Flynn.

We'll stop, it's way too early to tell, but here's last week's look at the three, which had Burke coming out looking golden.

TREY BURKE: With wins over Phoenix and powerful Houston since we last checked in with Trey, the Jazz have now won three of their seven games since Burke returned from injury after losing 11 of 12 without him.

Burke has scored 20 points in back-to-back games, while Rubio has done that just once in his three-year career, and eclipsed 20 just five times overall with the Wolves.

As usual, the Salt Lake Tribune loves the former Michigan Wolverine.

SHABAZZ MUHAMMAD: The UCLA product made his second field goal of the year Sunday against Oklahoma City, and managed to take three shots while in the game for a grand total of one minute.

It seems nearly impossible to take three shots in just one minute of game time, but Shabazz did it, and tripled his point output for the season with four in the game.

Muhammad has taken 12 shots in 25 minutes this year.

RICKY RUBIO: A nice week for Rubio in which he shot nearly 50 percent from the field and dished out 25 assists in three games.

Unfortunately for the Wolves, they won only one of the contests, and Rubio was the only starter to shoot 50 percent or higher in Minnesota's loss to the Thunder.

Still, Rubio sits third in the league in assists, and surely can't be blamed for his teammates shortcomings.

SUMMARY: Burke basking in the glory of being back, Shabazz lacking the shazam to stay on the floor, and Ricky looking to get the Wolves back above .500.

We'll keep tabs.

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