Trey Burke vs. Ricky Rubio and Shabazz Muhammad: Trey can't win

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A quick turnaround for this post, with it being the second time in three days we've updated you on the progress of Trey Burke, former Wolves point guard that we won't let you forget was drafted by Minnesota.

You can't be too mad at us for updating this so often, since Burke played Minnesota twice in the last four days. We're just trying to keep you informed on if the Wolves made the right choice by trading Burke and drafting Shabazz/keeping Rubio. We have a job to do!

Saturday, Burke couldn't get the job done, and it was more of the same Tuesday, as the Michigan alum fell to 0-2 against Minnesota.

TREY BURKE: Burke exits the back-to-back with Minnesota having totaled just nine points each game, and shooting a combined 6-of-20 from the field.

Before coming up against the buzzsaw that is the Wolves (insert sarcasm here), Burke had Utah above .500 the past month, something that Yahoo! Sports finds obnoxious, calling for Burke's benching.

Despite the tough two games and Yahoo! saying Utah should tank and get the No. 1 overall pick, a Jazz blog compliments Burke, calling him one of the best point guards the team has had since John Stockton.

Perhaps presumptuous considering he's played in just 31 NBA games, but that should tell you something about how the city feels about their rookie.

RICKY RUBIO: The subject of a vicious article by us yesterday (we were actually kind of nice), Rubio answered BMTN criticism with a double-double, thoroughly outplaying Burke.

His 11 points broke his seven game streak of not reaching double-figures, while his 13 assists are his most in 2014.

On top of the impressive performance, Ricky did what Ricky does.

What a cute, great guy.

SHABAZZ MUHAMMAD: Two minutes, two shots for the UCLA alum. He cashed in on one of them, his sixth made field goal in 23 attempts. Nine minutes in the past two games, not too shabby Shabazz.

SUMMARY: We promise we'll slow down on the Burke coverage, but how could we not get excited the last three days? Trey doesn't play the Wolves again until one month from today, but we'll probably check in once or twice more before then.

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