Triumph over tragedy: St. Cloud native brings home Olympic silver medal

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St. Cloud-native Alise Post accomplished something no other American woman had ever done in the BMX Friday afternoon when she won the silver medal at the Olympic Games.

Post didn't quite have enough to catch Columbia's Mariana Pajon, but she didn't seem disappointed with the silver. Post broke into a big smile and draped an American flag across her shoulders after finishing second.

"The day went really fast today," she told USA Today after the race. "The whole M.O., what me and my coach talked about, was to try to put the emotions aside as much as possible. The emotions run high for everyone on a day like this. I'd done the work. I'd come in ready. I knew if I just did my best I would come out successful and I could come out happy with what I'd done."

In doing so, she became the first American woman to ever finish that high in a BMX event at the Olympics.

According to the St. Cloud Times, Alise's finish will bring a silver lining to what has been a tough few years for the family. Alise's mother Cheryl passed away in 2014 following a battle with stage 4 melanoma.

But that wasn't the end of the tough times, Cheryl's niece and goddaughter Mikaela Moser died earlier this year, and her mother – Alise's grandmother – is also battling cancer.

But for today, the family can forget about all of the pain and tragedy and instead celebrate a triumphant Olympic story.

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