Gardy-ize your name with the Ron Gardenhire nickname generator

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Ron Gardenhire is one of 60 managers in Major League Baseball's 1,000 wins club. He's also the most creative nickname giver in all the land.

OK, that might be a stretch. But "Gardy" is famous for giving his Twins players nicknames.

He nicknamed Joe Mauer "Maursie," Justin Morneau was creatively called "Morneausie," Michael Cuddyer was "Cuddy" and Nick Punto was referred to as "Nicky."

Every now and again Gardenhire will stretch the limits on nicknames like he did with current Brewers star Carlos Gomez, AKA "Go-Go."

Now, you can get your name Gardy-ized, too.

Local design company Little created The Ron Gardenhire Nickname Generator. The Gardy-izer isn't the most creative nickname generator in the world, but it sure is fun! Little has been going around Twitter showing off the generator.


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