Twins 2011: What happened and what now?

OK, that wasn't really all that fun. But, as we look back at the Twins' 2011 season, we also look ahead to 2012. In short: what happened and what now?
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Over the next few days, we here at BMTN will try to gather some of the better pieces concerning our tattered Minnesota Twins, who barely avoided losing 100 games in 2011.

We'll share items in one of two categories: "What Happened" and "What Now."

First, in the "What Happened" category, are two articles from the Star Tribunes' Pat Reusse and Jim Souhan.

Reusse got pretty granular. He assigned specific blame for each of the 99 losses this year.

Souhan went another direction, and heaped praise on former Twins general manager Terry Ryan.

We also love this Twinkie Town story (sadly done in May) which shows us in Venn Diagrams what went wrong.

As for "What Now," here's a Pioneer Press story from John Shipley on how Justin Morneau will approach the off-season.

Here's a look at the projected 2012 Opening Day roster and lineup, put together by Joe Christensen.

And finally, here's the 2011 standings. Twins? Worst in the AL, but not worst in the majors! Who do we want in the World Series? Anyone but the Yankees.

How about you, have an opinion on what happened or what should the Twins do now?

Let us know.....

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