Twins add a meaty kick to the bloody mary


Kent Hrbek's pub inside of Target Field is putting a fresh and meaty twist on the Bloody Mary.

The version of the "drink" will come with a bacon cheeseburger as garnish.

It will be the Twins' latest entrant into the baseball food arms race. They found themselves having to keep pace, division-rival Chicago just debuted a 12-scoop banana split in a full-size batting helmet for $17. Chicago and Texas will also be selling bacon-on-a-stick and in Arizona the Diamondbacks introduced an 18-inch, bacon-stuffed corn dog for $25.

Baseball fans have come a long way since the days of "a dog and a beer," although fans will still order, 21.4 million hotdogs at ballparks this year.

Cost of the appetite filling-drink is $18.

After three straight 90-loss seasons it may even give Twins fans a reason to head to the ballpark, before all-world prospect Byron Buxton debuts.

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