The weather doesn't care that the Twins play 10 straight at Target Field

MLB has made it a habit of scheduling 10 straight games in MN in April.
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It's one thing to play a couple of games in 30-degree weather with some light snow, but it's an entirely different story when an MLB team is forced to play two straight weeks in near-freezing conditions. 

Minnesota played through some flurries and temperatures in the upper 30s for their Home Opener on Thursday, but that was just the first of 10 straight games at Target Field. 


Winter storm could dump up to 8 inches on Sunday

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And yes, we're thinking what you are right now: who schedules 10 straight games in Minnesota in mid-April? 

Unfortunately for fans – and Logan Morrison, who has publicly denounced the cold and snow – the MLB has now done this to the Twins three times since 2014.  

Here are the next 9 games and associated forecast for Minneapolis. 

  • Apr. 7 - Mariners 1 p.m. - 30 degrees
  • Apr. 8 - Mariners 1 p.m. - 31 degrees, accumulating snow
  • Apr. 9 - Astros 7 p.m. - 37 degrees
  • Apr. 10 - Astros 7 p.m. - 39 degrees
  • Apr. 11 - Astros 12 p.m. - 46 degrees
  • Apr. 12 - White Sox 7 p.m. - 47 degrees
  • Apr. 13 - White Sox 7 p.m. - 38 degrees, rain and snow
  • Apr. 14 - White Sox 1 p.m. - 38 degrees, rain and snow
  • Apr. 15 - White Sox 1 p.m. - 43 degrees

We know for sure that this weekend's games will be right around the freezing mark, and then by the time they take the field Monday and Tuesday night, temps will be on their way down from daytime highs in the upper 30s. 

Games Wednesday and Thursday next week might actually be decent (if you consider 40 degrees decent), but then temps drop back down late next week. 

Detroit is dealing with a similar problem, opening the season with eight straight home games, three of which have already been postponed by inclement weather.

During 10-game April home stands in 2014 and 2017, the Twins suffered just one weather postponement each time, so perhaps they'll get lucky again this year. 

Sunday's looming snowstorm is currently forecast to dump 3-5 inches on Minneapolis, creating conditions that would be pretty difficult to play in, and the National Weather Service is already hinting at more snow next week

It could be worse. 

Back in 2007 the Cleveland Indians and Seattle Mariners were the victims of four consecutive snow postponements, forcing them to move the series from Cleveland to Milwaukee. 

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