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Twins get gift run, because Morneau was ... out!!


Every once in a while, umpires will miss calls right in front of their eyes. Case in point: Jordan Baker calling Justin Morneau safe at the plate in the fifth inning last night during the Twins' 4-2 loss to Chicago.

Morneau slid around White Sox catcher Tyler Flowers ... who tagged Morneau at least once before the Twins' slugger touched the plate.

Baker called Morneau safe anyway, and the Twins cut the lead at the time to 2-1.

While Chicago starter (and game-winner) Jake Peavy was steamed -- Morneau was happy to get away with it -- saying "sometimes you get lucky."

"I knew I tagged him the first time," Flowers told "I look at the umpire and he's not doing anything, so you kind of have two choices. You can either be an idiot and sit there complain or you can tag the guy again because he's off the plate. He saw the play differently."

See it for yourself, right here:

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