Twins' magic number is 3; they could lose every game this week and still make the playoffs

Twins could go 0-6 this week and they'd still get in as long as the Angels lose three games.

It's clinching week for the Minnesota Twins as they can relax a little bit more thanks to the Angels and Rangers stinking it up over the weekend. 

While the Twins were sweeping a four-game series in Detroit, the Angels lost six of seven games last week and the Rangers somehow were limited to just two runs in a three-game sweep at the hands of the Athletics. 

Twins' magic number: 3

Minnesota can clinch the second American League Wild Card with any combination of wins and Angels' losses equaling three. 

Here are scenarios the Twins can clinch this week. 

  • Win 3 or more of the final 6 games
  • Go 2-4, Angels go 6-1 or worse
  • Go 1-5, Angels go 5-2 or worse
  • Go 0-6, Angels go 4-3 or worse

The Twins could literally lose all six games this week and still get in as long as the Angels lose three games. 

It's almost impossible for the Twins to screw this up. According to's postseason projections, there's only a 4.8 percent chance of that happening. 

Angels schedule this week: 

  • at White Sox Monday-Thursday
  • vs. Mariners Friday-Sunday

Twins schedule this week: 

  • at Indians Tuesday-Thursday
  • vs. Tigers Friday-Sunday

The White Sox might look like a cupcake on paper, but they've been decent since Aug. 6, going a respectable 22-24. The Angels are 22-22 since Aug. 6. 

Minnesota's series in Cleveland could be a preview of the American League Divisional Series if they're able to knock off the Yankees in New York in the one game Wild Card playoff. 

That Wild Card date with the Yankees will be Tuesday, Oct. 3 at Yankee Stadium. 

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