Twins pitcher Perkins ribs Vikings' Bridgewater for lefty INT


Who doesn't love a little good-natured razzing between hometown ballplayers? Twins reliever Glen Perkins dug into Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater on Twitter after Sunday night's game against the Packers with a little self-depreciation thrown in.

Perkins was referencing this inglorious sequence from midway through the third quarter, when Teddy Two Gloves attempted to go southpaw after feeling pressure from the Packers' pass rush, and got picked off by defensive back Micah Hyde.

To his credit, Bridgewater is currently in the middle of the longest streak of his career - 18 quarters, according to - without an interception ... thrown with his dominant right hand, anyway.

Other NFL analysts and fans got in on the Twitter fun, heckling Teddy Throwsevelt without mercy.

Bridgewater showed a sense of humor about the blunder with a tweet of his own.

While the young QB keeps things vague, we think we know what he's referencing.

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