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Twins prospect Alex Meyer has millions, still works for $63/day in the offseason


The minor leagues are not a glorious place.

With the hope of one day making the big show, thousands upon thousands of major league hopefuls travel by bus all across the country to small ballparks to play for little money in front of few fans.

They stay in close quarters in what can be below average hotels, and steak dinners aren't exactly being shoveled in night after night like in the pros.

Sometimes, that's the price of chasing a dream.

For many, the price of wanting to make the league also includes having to work a second job in the offseason in order to support yourself because the title of minor league baseball player isn't exactly self-sustaining.

Alex Meyer isn't exactly in that category.

Meyer was drafted in the first-round of the 2011 amateur draft by the Washington Nationals 23rd overall, and received a $2 million signing bonus, which is plenty to live on unless you're Latrell Sprewell.

Money is not an issue for Meyer, he lives well, and looks to be on the fast track to the majors where he'll receive an even bigger pay day and live even more comfortably.

But just because Meyer is well off doesn't mean he didn't want to get a second job in the offseason, not for money, but because he was "bored and had nothing to do."

The job? Substitute teaching. The pay? $63 per day. Sitting on a $2 million signing bonus, it isn't about the money for Meyer, it's about liking what you do, and he reportedly can't get enough and will continue to do it as he approaches the majors.

A nice story for a man that may contribute for your Twins sooner rather than later.

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