Twins star Eduardo Escobar bumps into Nicolas Cage in Puerto Rico

The Hollywood actor was lucky enough to get a snap with the Twins shortstop.
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Movie actor Nicolas Cage came face-to-face with a Venezuelan national treasure on Wednesday.

The Hollywood star was in Puerto Rico when he came across Minnesota Twins' infielder Eduardo Escobar.

Knowing he'd better act quick lest Escobar was gone in 60 seconds, Cage requested a snap with the Twins' shortstop (we're assuming that's how it went down).

Escobar, in town for the Twins series against the Cleveland Indians in San Juan, graciously accepted Cage's offer.


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A picture of Escobar posing with the grizzled Cage, who was wearing a kickass Godzilla t-shirt, was posted on Twitter by the Twins' comms guy Dustin Morse.

The Twins face/off with the Cleveland Indians for the second time in Puerto Rico on Wednesday evening, with Jose Berrios on the rock for the Twins.

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