Twins Wrap 2013, final destination: Not-so-fun facts, not-so-fun opinions


This week came in like a lion with Twins coverage, and now, for the sake of all of our sanity, we will let it leave like a lamb.

All we'll have here are a few random opinions that have trickled in during the week, as well as a few statistical breakdowns that caught our eye, most of which highlight the Twins absolute futility.


Our first set of not-so-fun facts comes from Parker Hageman of Twins Daily and the Star Tribune's Twinscentic, who tells us that it could very well be worse than we ever imagined.

We'll go ahead and fill in the blanks for our second not-so-fun fact. It's actually quite simple, a man that went 11-3 with a 3.01 ERA at the major league level in 2011 lost just as many games in nine starts and posted an ERA nearly a run higher at the minor league level this year. Give up? It's opening day starter Vance Worley. Not only should that tell you why the Twins rotation is in shambles and had 10 different guys start eight-plus games, but it should also hint at why the Twins only struck out 943 opposing batters this year, 143 less than any team in the majors.

We'll close with a man that is fun one month of the year, and it happened to be September. Here's a breakdown of Trevor Plouffe and the ever important issue of third base. Of course, they wouldn't have an issue had the 2013 version of Danny Valencia been a member of the Twins.


Nick Nelson of Twins Daily and Twinscentric wants change, but it doesn't necessarily mean in personnel.

Yahoo! says the Twins can't mask it anymore, Ron Gardenhire and Co. need better players.

Yahoo! also says with Gardy getting an extension, why did that mean pitching coach Rick Anderson deserved one?

Why does everyone have to be so negative? Its OK, its OK, everything is going to be fine, because we're not throwing any more negativity at you regarding the Twins until spring training.

That's false, but we'll take it easy for a while....but probably just for a bit.

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