Two charged over #NoDAPL protest stunt during Vikings game

The two men hung from the rafters of U.S. Bank Stadium during the New Year's Day game against the Chicago Bears.

The two Dakota Access protesters who unfurled a banner from a catwalk at U.S. Bank Stadium during a Vikings game have been charged.

Charges filed in Hennepin County on Tuesday accuse Karl S. Zimmerman, 32, of Minneapolis, and Sen Holiday, 26, of St. Paul, of trespass, burglary and disorderly conduct following the demonstration at the New Year's Day game against the Chicago Bears.

According to the criminal complaint, the pair gained access to an area off limits to the public and scaled a 50-75 tall ladder that led to the catwalk.

After buying tickets to the game, the pair sneaked climbing equipment under their clothing and secured themselves to stadium girders before lowering themselves 15-20 feet below the catwalk.

It was at this point they unfurled the banner, which read: "US Bank DIVEST #NODAPL," referring to the stadium's main sponsor's links the controversial Dakota Access oil pipeline in southern North Dakota.

The pair stayed there, hanging above section 325, until the end of the game despite calls from Minneapolis police officers to come back down, which led to fans in the seats below having to be evacuated.

At the end of the game they did come down, where they were arrested by officers. They now face one gross misdemeanor and two misdemeanor charges. The Star Tribune reports that a third person suspected of aiding in the protest will not be charged.

The newspaper notes that Zimmerman is the son of former Green Party Minneapolis City Council member Dean Zimmerman.

MPR later reported that rather than being invested in the Dakota Access project (which would mean it could "divest"), U.S. Bank is among the many American banks to have extended lines of credit to companies behind the pipeline.

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