U.S. Bank Stadium needs giant blackout curtains for Final Four

Oh great...

U.S Bank Stadium truly is the taxpayer-funded gift that keeps on taking.

Its 200,000 square foot glass windows have already courted controversy because they're, as Popular Science describes, an "avian death trap."

Now it turns out the windows are also completely impractical for hosting next year's Final Four, which requires consistent lighting at all times of the day during the tournament.

This is why the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority is now looking for companies who could install giant "blackout curtain drapery" to cover the glass not just on the side of the stadium, but also the roof.

Speaking to the Star Tribune on Wednesday, MSFA chairman Mike Vekich said they haven't got a cost for the project, but said "it will be expensive – obviously."

Well that's great, it's not like we spent half a billion dollars of taxpayers money already on the stadium or anything.

Judging by recent board documents, the MSFA has set aside $2 million for improvements including blackout curtains, while its current budget for building improvements this year is a little over $7 million.

Vekich told the Star Tribune that at this point, he doesn't see the MSFA having to ask the Legislature for any more taxpayer money to pay for the drapes.

Which is fine, except that the MSFA, which owns and operates U.S. Bank Stadium, already gets a decent chunk of taxpayer funding as it is.

Of its 2017-18 budget revenues of just under $40 million, $6.2 million comes from the State of Minnesota.

At least the MSFA is looking for drapes that can be used beyond the Final Four games, seeking proposals for "permanently installed hardware to facilitate repeated use of the system."

Maybe they can be used to tackle the terrible acoustics in the upper levels for live music – or maybe they should stay up permanently to stop birds from dying.

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