UND announces plan to seek designer for new Fighting Hawks logo


What does a Fighting Hawk look like?

That's the question officials at the University of North Dakota are trying to figure out, just about a month after the new nickname was chosen.

UND announced over the weekend that the school has issued a request for proposal (RFP) for the design of a logo to accompany their new nickname.

"As we move to the logo development phase of the nickname process, three sentiments have been frequently expressed: first, that a professional designer be involved in the design of the logo; second, that the process provides a way of allowing public input; and third, that we develop an identity that effectively captures who we are as a university," said UND President Robert Kelly in a statement. "We've developed a process that allows for all three of those important factors. We are very pleased to be moving to this next phase in the development of UND's new nickname, Fighting Hawks, and its accompanying logo."

The school says it chose to look for a designer for several reasons:

  • To ensure that the (Fighting Hawks) logo is usable across a complex range of platforms and applications including digital, print, apparel and merchandise
  • To ensure that it thoroughly considers other existing designs from the onset of the creation process to avoid copyright and trademark issues
  • And to deliver not only a logo design but also a full graphic identity including secondary marks, font style and usage guidelines.

One artist interested in having a chance to design the new logo is Bennett Brien. He created the Fighting Sioux logo in 1999 and would plan to work some of the old into the new one.

"It would be like the Fighting Sioux transformed into a Fighting Hawk," Brien told the Grand Forks Herald.

Whoever gets selected will have to balance creative artistic vision with the need to market it to UND's fans, students and alumni.

The school chose Fighting Hawks after a lengthy process that saw more than 27,000 students, staff and alumni vote. They chose from five finalists and had two runoff votes to ensure the nickname had majority support.

The name was chosen over Roughriders, Nodaks, Sundogs and North Stars.

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