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Vegas is betting on a big jump for the Wolves ... like, really big

Based on Vegas' prediction, the Wolves are on their way to a top four seed in the West.

Still doubting the Timberwolves? Vegas isn't.

According to BetOnline, oddsmakers have put the Wolves' over/under win total for next season at 46.5. That's tied with Oklahoma City for the sixth-highest win total forecast in the NBA.

  1. Golden State - 67.5
  2. Cleveland - 56.5
  3. Houston - 55.5
  4. San Antonio - 55.5
  5. Toronto - 47.5
  6. Minnesota - 46.5
  7. Oklahoma City - 46.5

No team is expected to make a bigger jump than Minnesota based on last year's win total of 31.

Boston isn't listed because their total is current unavailable. It's likely that they'll be in the 50+ category considering they're the defending No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference and they've added All-Star Gordon Hayward.

BetOnline also has the Wolves sixth in it's early 2018 NBA Championship odds.

The last team to win the NBA Finals a year after missing the playoffs was the 2008 Boston Celtics. Prior to the '08 Celtics, it hadn't been done since the Philadelphia 76ers in 1977.

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