Vegas thinks the Packers will crush the Vikings – but is the line still too low?

Only two teams are bigger underdogs than the Vikings are Week 16 at Green Bay.

Green Bay and Minnesota are rolling, but only one is going in the right direction.

Rolling is actually a poor term to describe the Vikings. More like, nose-diving. They're nose-diving with the potential of finishing with a losing record after being the last undefeated team in the league.

This is what a nose-dive looks like on a week-to-week basis.

  • Week 1: 1-0 - first place
  • Week 2: 2-0 - first place
  • Week 3: 3-0 - first place
  • Week 4: 4-0 - first place
  • Week 5: 5-0 - first place
  • Week 6: 5-0 - first place
  • Week 7: 5-1 - first place
  • Week 8: 5-2 - first place
  • Week 9: 5-3 - first place
  • Week 10: 5-4 - tied first place with Detroit
  • Week 11: 6-4 - tied first place with Detroit
  • Week 12: 6-5 - second place
  • Week 13: 6-6 - tied second place with Green Bay
  • Week 14: 7-6 - tied second place with Green Bay
  • Week 15: 7-7 - third place

Now, Minnesota is a 7-point underdog at Lambeau Field this week. The only teams going into the Christmas-weekend games as bigger underdogs are the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals. The Jets are 16.5-point dogs at New England and the Cardinals are 8.5-point dogs at Seattle.

Is 7 points enough? Consider this: Minnesota's first six losses were by a combined 33 points before the Colts shellacked them by four touchdowns.

Minnesota's not alone in agony, though. The Eagles and Broncos had went undefeated through three and four weeks, respectively, are also flailing into the offseason. Philly has already been eliminated from playoff contention and the Broncos are on the outside looking in.

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