Video: Bobblehead Joe Mauer taunts Vance Worley - Bring Me The News

Video: Bobblehead Joe Mauer taunts Vance Worley


In the latest TV ad from the Twins, mild-mannered Joe Mauer takes on the "Vanimal."

It's another all-bobblehead only shoot, featuring bobblehead Dick and Bert, along with arms-from-offscreen.

In our opinion: another homer from the Twins marketing crew:

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Video: Joe Mauer's birthday rap

Here's a blast from the past (last year, actually). It's the Joe Mauer birthday rap, which was a statewide hit last year on this day, when the Twins' catcher turned 28. He's 29 today.

Things have changed for Joe Mauer

Last year at this time Joe Mauer wasn't doing a whole lot. This year the catcher says, "Every day I'm just, 'What do you want me to do today?' " He's worked out in all 12 spring practices since pitchers and catchers reported to spring training, and he will likely be in the Twins' lineup in the spring training opener on Saturday.

Joe Mauer: 'We can win here'

Joe Mauer still believes he can win a championship as a member of the Minnesota Twins. In a radio interview Mauer discussed battling through the summer heat, trying to win as a small market team and dealing with the Yankees all those years in the playoffs.