Video: Burning Kevin Love jerseys, Minnesota nice style

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"I'm Minnesota nice. When I'm angry at someone, I don't let them know. I just smile pleasantly to his or her face and then proceed to talk about them behind their back. I will most likely hold a grudge too."

That's the Urban Dictionary definition of Minnesota nice, which was on full display in this satirical video of Timberwolves fans burning "Kevin Love jerseys – Minnesota nice style." The video was created by local comedian Mike Brody.

Love will reportedly be traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Aug. 23. In exchange, the Wolves will receive Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and first-round draft pick.

Burning jerseys is sort of a tradition in sports. But it's reserved for painful moments when a star player leaves their team for greener (or South Beach-ier) pastures. It happened to LeBron James when he left Cleveland in 2010, and it happened to LeBron again when he left Miami to return to Cleveland this summer.

By the way, the fact that someone in Minnesota still owns what looked like a mint condition Christian Laettner jersey is a bit troubling. Please keep the owner of that archaic apparel in your thoughts and prayers.

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