Video: Carlos Gomez has just been suspended for, well, being Carlos Gomez

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Former Minnesota Twins Outfielder Carlos Gomez has a legendary rep for being a brash, confident, borderline cocky young player.

Credit to Gomez, he has been brilliant this year, leading the NL in WAR for the better part of the season.

To those that doubt one of the only Brewer bright spots of this 2013 season, we have a feeling Gomez would respond with a gem something like this: it ain't cocky if you say it and you back it up.

Call us crazy, but it looks like the Atlanta Braves disagree. This spat with most of the Braves infield begins right when he steps to the plate with catcher Brian McCann, and ends before Gomez can even circle the bases.

This strange-but-fun brew-ha-ha has netted Gomez a one-game suspension.

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