Video: Disgruntled prep goalie scores on self, flips off bench


Senior goaltender Austin Krause of Farmington High School is getting extra attention for his on-ice antics last night.

Krause, according to, was demoted to being the backup goalie earlier this year, playing behind a sophomore.

In Tuesday night's game against Chaska, Krause -- who was apparently planning to quit -- did it with flair.

As video from the game shows, Krause scored on himself, gave a one-finger salute to his coaches and skated off the ice.

Costly move? Apparently. The Star Tribune took a look at the box score. Krause's goal on himself tied the game 2-2, which Chaska eventually winning, 3-2. As of today, he's also no longer with the team -- but it's not certain if he was dismissed, or simply quit.

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