Video: Dozier hair flip all head, little shoulders

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The Twins may be fourth in the American League Central, but at least they look good.

Well, let's amend that a bit. Most of their players look good -- especially when flashing leather.

Case in point, Brian Dozier, who got the attention of the baseball world with this circus-style grab last Sunday:

As many are saying: Nice catch, but on top of that, best hair flip in the business. "Ridiculously photogenic" barks USA Today.

A campaigner for a shampoo commercial, contends Yahoo!Sports.

So move over, Joe Mauer, Dozier can play this game, too:

And as, Yahoo!Sports pointed out, anything is better than this weird take by Angels hair models C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton:

Best Twins hair, all-time? We're going with the Dazzleman, Dan Gladden:

An honorable mention, however, goes to the guy who shaved a future Hall of Fame catcher's name into his back hair:

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