VIDEO: A look back at Gopher Basketball's Raise The Barn scrimmage


If you missed the U of M's Raise The Barn basketball scrimmage Friday, an open to the public event designed as an alternative to "Midnight Madness", don't worry, we have a quick way for you to get caught up.

In this highlight video from the other night, take notice of No. 4 Deandre Mathieu, Arizona Central Community College transfer, who dropped 26 to lead all scorers.

No. 10 Oto Oseneiks, junior returner, also had a good evening, putting up 16 points and seven boards for the winning maroon side, while No. 20 Austin Hollins is expected to contribute in a big way this year, getting off to a good start by leading the maroon side with 21 points.

Also, that's mega-athlete Wally Ellenson with the put-back dunk, he's Rodney Williams-athletic (below).

We've milked all we can out of this Gopher basketball scrimmage, we'll leave you alone until their exhibition opener against Cardinal-Stritch on Nov. 1.

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