Video: Karl-Anthony Towns defends while holding Andrew Wiggins' shoe


It happens. Actors sometimes forget their lines. Musicians sometimes break guitar strings in the middle of a performance, teleprompters sometimes go down during a newscast and pro athletes sometimes lose their shoes.

That's what happened to Andrew Wiggins Monday night when the Timberwolves were in San Antonio.

Early in the game, while the Wolves were holding a 6-0 lead, Wiggins lost his shoe. His teammate – highly-touted Wolves rookie Karl-Anthony Towns – not only picked up Wiggins' shoe, but he also defended an entire possession with the sneaker in his hand.

With his ability to protect the rim, show on pick-and-rolls and his general defensive IQ, Pro Basketball Talk notes that Towns is already regarded as a versatile defender. After he helped the Wolves get a stop on the possession, Towns can now add one more defining skill – the ability to defend while holding a shoe.

Is there anything Towns can't do?

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