Video: Miguel Sano flashes some leather in the outfield

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Miguel Sano is known for hitting mammoth home runs into the stands, but Tuesday night he was showing off his skills in another form.

Fans and baseball experts have given the Twins a hard time for moving the massive power hitter to right field. Sano spent most of his time in the Twins organization at third base, but he was forced to move to the outfield as Trevor Plouffe has continued to be one of the Twins best hitters.

While there have been a few adventures in the outfield early this year, Sano has started becoming more comfortable in right, and he proved it by flashing some leather with a shoestring catch.

Sano's defense helped Twins starter Phil Hughes hold Detroit to just one run in 6.1 innings of work.

But he wasn't satisfied with just making plays defensively.

That's more like the Sano, we know. The Twins built a 2-0 lead after Sano's homer, but the Tigers rallied off the Twins bullpen to score seven runs in the seventh inning to beat the Twins 7-2.

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