VIDEO: Minnesota all over the headlines after crazy Saturday

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The Wild and Wolves were back in action last night, and both teams made video headlines in different ways.

On the hardwood, it was a star on the other side that was the cause of a national uproar, as Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant scored 23 fourth-quarter points and 48 on the game, including this step-back jumper that would send the Wolves to a loss.

While Durant was impressive, Kevin Love had a chance to answer, but the 82 percent free throw shooter somehow managed to miss three at the line after getting fouled on a go-ahead triple attempt with two seconds left.

K-Love giveth wins, but Saturday, K-Love taketh away the victory.

In St. Paul, the Wild had the lion's share of highlights, with three of them coming off the stick of Ryan Suter, who scored his first goal of the season last week, but netted three for his first career hat trick in a 5-3 win over Washington.

With big scoring performances from Durant and Suter, Minnesota was on the map for the right and wrong reasons Saturday, which has led into a quiet Sunday without either team in action and no Minnesota Vikings football for the first time since August.

Look on the bright side, your Sundays can once again be filled with the PBA on ESPN, and memorable moments like this.

We can feel your excitement from here.

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