Video: Miracle manager Mientkiewicz plays base-brawl in Fort Myers

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Good to have ya back, Dougie Baseball! The former Twin and current manager of the Fort Myers Miracle Doug Mientkiewiczgot into a little trouble Saturday night, pretty much leading the charge on a bench-clearing brawl.

Okay, so it wasn't much of a brawl even by baseball standards (you hockey players must laugh at this stuff), but the guy who made his name as a Twins first baseman who hit with no batting gloves and tons of pine tar still likes to roll out the tough guy once in a while.

Oh, yeah, the Miracle lost.

Anyway, a play-by-play from the Minnesota Class A affiliate's play-by-play man himself on Twitter:

Thank you, sir! And from there we take you to the video, which is pretty much the quality you might expect from the stands at a ballgame, but good ol' Number 16 (his Twin and Miracle number) can be seen scuffling a bit, just to make it count:

Not to worry, says our play-by-play man:

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