Video: 'Sorta-deep thoughts' with Mauer, Gardenhire

Spoofing an old "Saturday Night Live" bit, the Twins ponder "Sorta-deep thoughts" in a new TV ad campaign.

Jack Handy, eat your heart out:

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Gardenhire waiting for Mauer's return

Joe Mauer was used as a pinch-hitter Friday night, but his bruised quad kept him from starting. "I told you I wasn't going to chase people around," Ron Gardenhire told reporters before the game. "I'm waiting for them to tell me, and Joe to say he's ready to go."

Ryan to fans: Stop blaming Mauer

In a candid interview with Star Tribune writer Jim Souhan, Twins General Manager Terry Ryan says fans should stop blaming Joe Mauer for the team’s problems. He also said he won't fire Ron Gardenhire after the 2012 campaign ends.