Video: T-Wolves re-dub 70s movies to sell tickets

No one can accuse the Timberwolves of dogging it on the court this year. That goes double for their marketing department, which continues to crank out funny ads to lure in potential season ticket buyers.

While this is a pretty funny rip-off of Mystery Science Theater 3000, the only beef we have of this first clip is that the guy featured looks nothing like Rick Adelman. Otherwise, more marketing genius from the Timberwolves:

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Wolves 'Family Matters' mashup video

Somebody made another Timberwolves video. This one is pretty funny, too. We think it's almost as good as the "Where in the World is Nikola Pekovic" video. Without further ado, check out the "Family Matters" mashup video of the Wolves.

Wolves tickets more popular than ever

The Timberwolves launched a season ticket campaign last Friday called, "Everyone's Talking About the Timberwolves", and it's off to a fast start. More than 500 season tickets for next season have already been sold. 90 percent of current season ticket holders have already renewed their packages for next year as well.